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PPC Prospector 1.7.1 Cracked – Beast PPC Keyword Software Crack PPC Biz Box






PPC Prospector Cracked

Find and collect businesses advertising with Google and instantly see which ones are spending the most money and need the most help!

Easily search by keyword and location
Adobe Air Application (Mac and PC compatible)
Detects which Ad Extensions are being used
Multi country support
Mini-Audit Report Generation
Customizable Templates
Integrated with Analytic Call Tracking

Know if the account was setup following best practices in a matter of seconds not hours and instantly realize how much room there is for improvement.

Save time performing account audits
15 point account audit inspection
Know where the account needs help
Look like a rockstar
At the push of a button you can gain intelligence on a prospects Adwords account without needing their login or asking them to link to your MCC account.

Easily prioritize your prospects based on opportunity
Build trust through knowledge and expertise
Close more deals with ease
White labeled printable report
Customizable report template









Automate your monthly client reporting with an easy to understand one page report that your clients will love.

One page client friendly report
Compare one month to any other month
Color coded changes
White labeled for your business
Get a birds eye view of the aggregate changes made to the account so you instantly know what the team has been doing or not.

No more wondering what’s been done
Keep an eye on outsourcers or in-house teams
Get prospects to switch from their current manager
Concerned about your competitors clicking your ads and driving up your cost? Stop them in their tracks and report to Google for a potential credit.

Close more deals with this rare value added service
Improve account performance
Impress your clients and gain hero status
Network and Mastermind with industry leaders as well as others experiencing similar issues as you. The moment you become involved with this group, you will be on your way to taking your business to the next level.








PPC Prospector1.7.1



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