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Create complex keyword lists for pay-per-click campaigns and reduce marketing costs, with the help of this handy software solution!


Pay-per-click services normally charge a lot of money for bidding on single, widely-used terms, as it to be expected. However, you can reduce the costs of advertising campaigns by using keyword permutations that are still used often, but not as expensive.

Easy Keyword Pro is a lightweight application that can offer a solution, as it enables you to generate numerous keyword variations based on a list of provided terms. It is fairly simple to use, but it would benefit from a modernized UI.











Rather difficult to start, and features an outdated interface

It is worth mentioning that, after launching the main application, you need to click a couple more buttons to access the keyword generator tool. This is certainly not a major issue, but it is quite inconvenient.

Also, the program’s UI is noticeably out of date, although its layout is very novice-friendly.

Create extensive keyword lists in no time at all

Once you get past the launch window, the application is remarkably easy to use. The interface is split into three tabs, one for entering your original keywords, the second for adding terms that should be appended, and the last for providing substitutes.

After you have added the keywords that need to be processed, you can specify which operations should be performed, as well as add US states and cities to the Prefix/Append list.

Keep in mind that, if you enable the “Add all typos” function, the operation may take a fair amount of time. The generated list is copied to the clipboard, and you can paste it into your preferred text editor.









Portable utility that can be deployed instantly

You should be pleased to learn that Easy Keyword Pro does not need to be installed on your PC before use. This is great news for those who prefer to keep their computers clean, and it streamlines the keyword generation process.

All in all, Easy Keyword Pro is a lightweight, easy-to-use program that enables you to generate keyword lists for pay-per-click campaigns. It could use some improvements as far as the GUI is concerned, but it does its job very well.



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