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A powerful application designed for easy search engine submission, while also allowing developers to easily edit and optimize their websites
Building a website and ensuring that its enjoys increased visibility to monetize on it is not always a simple task, though users who engage in such activities can always take advantage of specialized tools that make their work easier.



#1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software is a piece of software designed specifically for website developers, providing them with the possibility to easily submit their URLs and email addresses to search engines.

Professional-grade capabilities

The application allows users to submit their websites to a wide range of popular search engines, so as to ensure they enjoy expanded visibility.

In addition to URL and email submission capabilities, the program comes with a series of website management capabilities, providing developers with the possibility to easily optimize it.





















Creating a sitemap is easy with the help of this tool, as it comes with an integrated Sitemap Maker, which spiders a website and creates a text file with all of the page links in it. The file can be exported to xml, which is compatible with search engine spiders.

A variety of website building and management tools are available within the software, such as a Code Wizard, a Popup Magician, and an HTML Editor.

Easily submit multiple websites






#1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software allows developers to submit multiple website URLs and emails at the same time, courtesy of an integrated Power Submitter. Moreover, it features a Meta Generator, as well as a Search Engine Directory.

Users with little website creation experience can take advantage of this tool for learning purposes, as it has been packed with an HTML Tutor, specifically designed to guide them through the basics of webpage design and creation.

A comprehensive tool

In conclusion, #1 ACE Search Engine Submission Software is a full-featured website submission piece of software that also provides developers with a series of additional tools for optimization and management purposes. It features a rather outdated interface, but it is easy-to-use and can also help beginners to get started with the development of their own web pages.







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